Yin & Yang Dragons

It was my boyfriend’s birthday recently and I was thinking of doing this for a while now, it took me 3 months to properly plan and execute because I have never done anything like this before. He enjoys playing D&D and does it usually about once a week. He DMs too. I don’t play D&D but I enjoy following him and observe how the role playing game is played. He brings his DM Screen Reincarnated with him and thought it would be nice to make a box where he can put his dice and book in it.
I sculpted two dragons, one white with black eyes and one black with white eyes to resemble yin and yang, how I always find him so calm in every situation. His favourite animal is also the darkfox so I used a cabochon glass as the centre of the circle emblem to resemble how he can control the elements and fate of others around him (Him being a DM and all) that even the fate of dragons is under his mercy. Behind the box is a fox hopping, leaving a trail of shiny. So that’s how he makes me feel. He entered my life and wherever he goes, he leaves a trail of happiness for me to follow. And inside the box, I wanted to make it all grand so I used red velvet cloth to make it look all pretty so he can put his stuff inside.