I am a self taught artist and learned everything I could from online resources. Education and classes has always been expensive and free online resources has helped me pursue my passion. I would like to be a part of your art journey and make my tutorials free for all to learn. Tutorials, time lapses, livestream and more can be found on my Youtube channel.

I do hope what I have to offer can help better your work and liven the fire in your heart. If you’d like to support my mission, you can support my cause on Patreon or Donate.

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Here are some of my collection from my tutorial playlist

If you like to start on Sketching, I have a playlist Intro To Sketching to hopeful guide you on your journey into the gateway art drug 😀

Tutorial on Sculpting a Dragon Dice Box

Tutorial on How I Make Glass Eye Cabochon

Tutorial on Journaling Food

I share a lengthy tutorial on how I paint realistic dog mouths

How I painted this dragon from beginning to end